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Friday, July 24, 2009

Rude Text Messages

  • Kabhi hosla bhi azzma lena chahiye
    Bure waqt mein bhi muskurana chahiye
    Aur jab saat din bhi naa mite khujli
    Toh aath wae din naha lena chahiye.

  • Baba ji ka mela laga hai haridwar mein,
    Prashad mein Recharge Coupon diye jayenge,
    Kisi aur ko mat batana,
    Ye SMS sirf chuninda bhikhariyon ko bheje ja raha hai

  • NEWSFLASH...scientists have made a breakthrough & discovered that the female gender carry intelligent cells. Unfortunately 95% of them spit it out!

  • 3 sisters. ann, jan & fanny all have big feet, ann & jan go on a date, 1 of the boys says "jesus u have big feet "ann replys "u should see our fannys theyre huge!

  • aaj subah ek thandi hawa ka joka aaya saath me teri khusbu laaya tab muje ehsas huwa ke aaj bhi mera dost nahi nahaya

  • Why can't you accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.

  • In today's world, small cars or small PCs hona cool mana jata hai. Jaldi hi aisa waqt aayega jab chhota land hona bhi cool mana jayega. Mere dost, Then you will be THE MEN.

  • Cool,Charmimg, Sweet, Innocent, Good Looking,Cheerful, Glamorous, spontaneous, Perfect, nice friends, Lucky, Good Personality, well...Enough about ME! How about you?

  • Roses are red

    Lemons are sour

    Spread you legs

    And give me an hour

  • On the door of a toilet....Some people come here to sit and wonder, I come here to shit like thunder!

  • Kya tum abhi mujhe apni photo fax kar sakte ho.......its very very urgent...and very very important. Actully, hum Cards khel rahe the and we have misplaced JOKER.

  • You don't know the meaning of the word "fear" - but then again you don't know the meaning of most words.

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