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Friday, July 24, 2009

Cute Text Messages

  • The sun had risen from the east & birds r singing happily & butterflies R around the flowers. It is time to wake up & give a big yawning & say gd morning to u..

  • A memory is golden, maybe that is true. I never wanted memories. I only wanted you sweet as a rose, cute as a kitten is what you are.

  • Donon EYES PE
    Donon CHEEKS PE
    SONE sy pehle
    Cold cream ZAROOR LAGAIN..

  • Boy: BUS aur Girls
    aik jaisi hoti hain,
    1 jaati hai to doosri aa jati hai.

  • Girl: Auto Rickshaw aur Boys
    ek jaisay hotay hain,
    1 ko bulao 4 chale aate hain .

  • Sathi srf woh he nahi hota jo zindagi bhr saath nibhay; Sathi to woh bhi hai jo jevan ke kuch palon mein bhi jevan bhr ka saath de jaaye.

  • Flowers die,
    Stories End,
    Songs Fade,
    Memories are forgotten,
    All things come to End,
    "Precious People" Like "You"
    Are always remembered.

  • Friendship is a silent gift of nature..
    More old .. more strong..
    More deep.. more clear..
    More close.. more warm..
    Less words.. more understanding

  • When God opened the door of heaven, He saw me & asked what is ur wish 4 2day. I said lord plz take care of the1 reading this message.

  • Loving is not how u forget but how u forgive, not how u listen but how u understand, not what u see but how u feel, and not how u let go but how u hold on.

  • I ask Allah 2 make u happy, make u smile, guide u safely, though every mile, grant u wealth, give u health & most of all grant u paradise.

  • Always take extra care of 3 things in ur life:
    * Trust..
    * Promise..
    * Relation..
    Bcoz they dont make noise when they break..!!

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