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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny Questions

Why are there seeds in seedless watermelons?

Why are there more overweight (fat) people in the world

than starving people?

Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?

Isn't it sour already?

How many hours a year do we lose trying to get to an actual live human being on the phone

when we have a problem that the computer/answering system can’t solve.

Why is milk a necessary ingredient to make instant potatoes?

Is milk removed when potatoes are dehydrated?

How does one milk a potato?

Should a person with a beard wash it with soap or just use shampoo?

Should someone invent beard shampoo?

If vampires don't breath, how can they talk?

If the laws of attraction really work, why do most of the gamblers who play in Vegas lose?

They all really think the're going to win, don't they?

If psychics can really see the future, why don't they all come to Vegas and get rich gambling?

When people say that the world is getting smaller, do they mean the cans, boxes and other containers

of things we buy get smaller while the price stays the same (or sometimes increases)?

Who wants 2.4 servings of something anyway?

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